5 Most Unusual Household Hemp Products

The greatest civilizations on this planet grew hemp over 5000 years ago. It was harvested for ropes, cloth, paper, and other industrial and household uses. It's thought to be the oldest agricultural crop on earth. But for years, it was vilified and stigmatized due to misconceptions brought about by propaganda. 

Thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and its industrial uses have skyrocketed. Literally, thousands of applications are now available thanks to the pioneering spirit and with an eye towards sustainability. So let's examine some of the most unusual and unexpected household products made from hemp.

  1. Aromatherapy Candles - Candles are great for any situation where you'd like a peaceful and soft light. Whether you're setting the mood for your meditation, or something a little spicier, you can use them to enhance your experience. But the aroma of essential hemp oil is probably not what you would expect. Earthy, peppery, and faintly sweet, its scent is alluring and luxurious. And it is among the most exclusive essential oils in the world. So spend time reading late at night, or just relaxing with friends or family while hemp aromatherapy candles soothe and refresh your space. And because hemp candles are sourced from sustainable materials, you're doing good for the planet, and yourself. Helpful tip: Search for locally sourced hemp candles in your area, or check out Kushed candles. 
  2. Furniture, Chairs - While we found many different types of hemp fabric-covered furniture, the most unusual one we came across in our global search was a formed chair made in Europe. German designer Werner Aisslinger, with the help of chemical giant BASF, created the Hemp Chair. Based on monobloc chairs typically made from synthetics, Aisslinger's Hemp Chair is a modern eco-friendly alternative designed for lightweight manufacturing and sustainable production. Renewable fibers hemp and kenaf make up over 70% of the composite. Today's consumers demand a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. The low cost of production made possible by compression molding paired with environmentally friendly materials, makes the Hemp Chair an appealing alternative to harmful plastic furniture.
  3. Sheets - Sleep soundly in hemp sheets, knowing you're supporting ecologically friendly products. Hemp sheets are highly absorbent and breathable, which helps to keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter. Hemp is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Most are made from 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton, making the fabric softer than hemp alone. We did find some sheets made from 100% hemp, which the company claims is like sleeping on clouds– effortlessly floating between here and far away. It's claimed to be woven for softness and breathability, which gets softer and more luxurious with each wash. Similar to the texture of linen, but dreamier. So you have many options when it comes to sleeping in sheets made from hemp fabric, check your neighborhood to source locally, and support businesses in your community. 
  4. Toilet Paper - You use it every day, but probably don't give much thought to your toilet paper. Hemp pulp paper can be made without any chemicals from the hemp plant's pulp. Toilet paper, made from the industrial hemp plants, has been marketed in other countries for some time now. This modern alternative is super convenient, especially considering before conventional toilet paper people used rocks, flat sticks, leaves, newspaper scraps, corn on the cob, and even their hands to wipe. Agriculture discovered that an acre of hemp could manufacture four times more paper compared to a single acre of trees. Luckily, being more sustainable in the bathroom doesn't mean reverting to less modern methods; it just means converting to hemp toilet paper, the more viable option that's good for the plant and your bum.
  5. Customizable Pens - Green Spring Technologies is a Fort Worth, TX-based sustainable technologies company founded by veterans determined to make a difference. Inspired with a "Do It Yourself" spirit, they have many projects in the works. Their Hemp Writing Pen is just one example of how they use local, and veteran-owned businesses, social services, and U.S. produced goods wherever possible. They are continually developing unique employment opportunities to help the maximum number of people possible. Taking care of each other is the ultimate in sustainability.

As awareness and U.S. hemp supplies continue to grow, the plant will cause a snowball effect, and innovation will expand the way we look at products and how we spend money. We look forward to seeing the world focused on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint thanks to the versatility of hemp.