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Kevin Eassa

Kevin Eassa is a professional landscape photographer and filmmaker who has been traveling the globe non-stop for three years. After leaving University 24 credits shy of a finance degree, Kevin worked 120 hours a week between four jobs to fund his true passion. Six months later, Kevin left everything he knew to pursue his dream of photography and filmmaking. At twenty-four, Kevin has now explored forty-one countries (and counting), solidified his brand, and continues to offer his talents to individual clients, well- known musicians, corporate brands, luxury resorts, and more.

“I think it’s super important to do what makes you feel most alive. My Reason To Roll is what makes me tick – bouldering in a beautiful, foreign country.” 

Sunny Daze

Whitney has been an active member of the cannabis community for over 3 years. She created her Instagram account, @sunnny.daze, as a platform for destigmatizing cannabis consumption and showing the world how cannabis can compliment an active, productive, healthy lifestyle. Though she's a fan of all forms of consumption, she's a flower child at heart and has really come to appreciate the therapeutic ritual of rolling and burning a joint.

"To me, life is all about finding as much happiness as you possibly can in every moment. My Reason to Roll is just that - it helps me stay present and grateful for each moment, no matter the circumstances."

Miss Marijuana

Miss Marijuana is a lifestyle site on a mission to normalize  cannabis use for health and wellness. We want the modern woman to feel empowered to harness the healing powers of marijuana and thrive.

Shannon Ullman is a cannabis advocate who's interested in helping women learn about the healing benefits of this plant. Her background is in digital media, so she knew she could create an online space and community where women could feel comfortable and empowered to share their personal stories about healing with cannabis.

“I believe that it's important to keep going, no matter what you face in life. My Reason To Roll is to empower myself to push through challenges, ask myself the hard questions, and keep on rolling towards the life of my dreams.”

Zena Sativa

Hey there! My name is Zena, also known as Zena Sativa. I am a brand ambassador, curve model, and vegan foodie. I run both @zenasativa & @veganbutshethick accounts and love promoting health and wellness. Hemp is so important to our environment and community as a sustainable and biodegradable product. I think we should all work on ways to be nice to our environment, and hemp is a good start!

Chelsey Kai

Chelsey first entered into the cannabis industry in 2014 as a budtender and 5 years later became the CEO of a licensed California cannabis company. She first started her Instagram account @chiefinwithchelsey as a way to share her cannabis photos with the patients that came to see her at the clinic and it evolved into a more personal account she could use to educate people on the benefits of cannabis and the evolving industry. Her preferred methods of consumption are edibles and flower!


Allee has been dedicated to exploring the American West ever since she moved to California five years ago. She has used her career as an outdoor lifestyle photographer and travel writer to inspire others to get outdoors, educate on sustainability values and create beautiful content for brands passionate about preserving and celebrating Mama Earth.

Her motto "Wild by Nature" is geared toward reminding people from every walk of life that we are all nature above anything else, that nature is centric to our existence and should be a part of all our lives.

 "One thing I've learned is that life is meant to be crazy, beautiful and a whole lot of fun! Spending time in nature always puts things into perspective... My Reason to Roll is to remember to never take life too seriously and always take time to soak up the magic of Mama Earth!"

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