Hempire Cones

Delivering the ultimate cone to pre-roll connoisseurs, our unbleached Hempire Cones are vegan made from 100% hemp for a truly supreme smoking experience. Our slow-burning, flavorless cones don’t interfere with the taste of your flower, so no worries there! Enjoy the convenience of pre-rolls with Hempire’s hassle-free cones and light up today!

Consumer Cones

Our new slow, even burning cones are designed to give you the most enjoyable smoking experience. Made with 100% pure, unbleached hemp, natural gum, these vegan pre-rolled cones are just what every cone connoisseur is looking for. Available in two sizes, 1 ¼ or our King size.

Bulk Cones

Available in three sizes, 84mm, 98mm and 109mm, our unbleached, vegan cones appeal to anyone looking for a great smoke experience. Our pre-rolled cones come in easy-to-use displays and fit most standard knockboxes for easy and quick filling. These cones are designed with your customers in mind.