Hemp Gifts For Valentines Day!

Hello, lovers. It's almost the most romantic day of the year, so time to start thinking about gifts for your special someone on Valentine's Day. This year, if you haven't already, why not indulge in something derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. After all, research shows cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp and cannabis are potential aphrodisiacs, creating a natural way to help you relax and create a closer connection between you and your partner. These can also boost arousal and sexual performance — a 2020 study found people in cannabis-legal states enjoyed more sex.

Interested? We thought so. These five hemp products are sure to get you in the mood for romance this Valentine's Day.

Say it with Flowers

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day is an age-old classic. Give the timeless sentiment a modern twist by choosing a bouquet of seasonal flowers and smokable hemp from Lovepot! The company creates stunning floral features from fresh flowers and top-shelf CBD flowers, and you can send the beautiful and potent bouquets nationwide. 

Set the Mood with Hemp Essential Oil Candles

You might not know this, but the essential oil extracted from hemp is one of the world's most exclusive oils. Kushed Candles creates scents that are "sexy and energizing, soothing and peaceful," so, with its earthy, peppery tones, it's no surprise that they've created a hemp essential oil candle that smells sensual and alluring.

Strip Down to Your Tighty-Whities

Hemp creates fabric that's anti-bacterial, soft, and breathable – perfect for underwear. WAMA has used this material to design hemp underwear for both men and women that are the perfect combination of comfortable cheekiness and sexy. And who doesn't love that mix?

Dial-Up the Sensuality with a Massage

Nothing puts you in the mood for romance quite like a sexy massage. By combining pleasure-enhancing ingredients, including essential oils and terpenes, with full-spectrum CBD, Ananda Hemp has created an intimate oil and lubricant called Bliss Oil. The product claims to enhance intimacy between you and your partner, helping build a more powerful sexual experience. 

Replenish with Handcrafted CBD-Infused Chocolates

The way to many a heart is through chocolate. Especially when said chocolates are handcrafted using the finest quality ingredients. Confectioners To Whom It May offer a mouth-watering selection of truffles and bonbons infused with CBD. They have developed four chocolate characters that summarize the characteristics of each sweet treat: Vivienne, a cherry cayenne bonbon with sumptuous sweetness, a splash of red wine, and a splendid spritz of spice; Zak, a smoked almond butter truffle; Myra, a hazelnut brandy bonbon with a hint of honey; and Ralph, a hazelnut butter truffle.

Thanks to the legalization of hemp, there are thousands of products on the market you can choose from. Have fun experimenting with them all! After all, variety is the spice of life.