Hempire Wraps

A green twist on a traditional tobacco blunt wraps. Hempire Wraps offer a clean smoke, without the tobacco and nicotine. Made with U.S.-farmed hemp and infused with traditional flavors or contemporary terpenes, our lick 'n stick wraps are ready to take you and your buds on a flavor trip.

Russian Cream

Cali Cream

With a creamy flavor profile that tastes like a California dream, our Russian Cream Wrap is delicious.


Honey Fu-Fu

With a honey-kissed finish, our Honey Wrap makes whatever you're smoking taste that much sweeter.


Blueblurry Blaze

With a naturally-sweet flavor profile, our Blueberry Wrap brings a fruity freshness to anything it's rolled around.

Classic Terpene


With a classic hemp smoke scent our Rilla-G flavor accentuates our all natural hemp wrap with infused terpenes.


StrawBlurry Clouds

With a juicy sweet smell and taste, our Strawberry Wrap is ripe for the picking and ready-for-you to roll right up.



With a refreshing citrus finish, our Clementine-Orange Wrap offers an opportunity to wrap some
sunshine around whatever you’re rolling up.

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