Highly Hilarious Cannabis Strain Names

Comedy is universal, and some of the names of cannabis strains are downright hilarious. Goofy names are a great selling point for marketers who want to make a lasting impression on their customers. Check out this list of our favorite wacky weed strain names!

Dank Sinatra 

This indica is named after the famous musician who has relaxed us for decades with his soft melodies and sultry voice. Did you know that Frank Sinatra was the first to release a concept album and box set? His debut release, The Voice of Frank Sinatra,featured 8 songs that all revolved aroundlost love.It sold for $2.50 a pop, which equates to about $30 today! Winding down to an Old Blue Eyes record and some Dank Sinatra can really jazz up your day.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

This Tiger's Milk & Starfighter mixture's hilarious name plays off the famous Chinese film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon," which won over 20 awards in 2001: including Best Picture, Best Foreign Film, and Best Cinematography. The film's theme praises the idea of hiding strength from others, encompassing the idea that hubris can be the ultimate death sentence. We love that this strain name replaces "dragon" with "alien," indicating that we might all be hiding our "inner-weird" at times.


Blucifer is a Denver Strain named after the famous deadly Blue Mustang statue crafted by sculptor Luis Jiménez. Though the name Blucifer is funny, the tragic story of this statue is not so comical. This statue was commissioned by the City of Denver in 1990, which was Jiminez's largest commission. Ironically, Jiminez was killed by the 32 foot 9000-pound statue when it toppled over and severed one of his leg's main arteries. You can see Blucifer by the Denver Airport on Pena Boulevard, especially at night when the Mustang's creepy red eyes glow from the spooky statue.


Now that's fun to say, Schnazzleberry. This name may be one of the weirdest and most memorable names on our list. This goofy title is said to have come from Willy Wonka's Snozzberries, though no one is truly sure of its origin. Did you know that Roald Dahl (the author of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) actually hated it? Dahl said the film changed too many of the book's most refined details and did not agree to a sequel film. Dahl could have probably benefited from some Schnazzleberry.

Purple Urkel

Purple Urkle pays homage to Steve Urkel, our favorite TV nerd on the 90's sitcom "Family Matters." The character Steven Quincy Urkel, Played by Jaheel White, was initially written into the show as a one time character. Urkel became such a hit that he appeared in episodes more frequently, soon becoming the show's main protagonist. His memorable high-pitched voice and signature black-rimmed glasses made him the epitome of a geek. We love how the name Purple Urkel celebrates this outrageously awesome outcast.

Bob Saget OG 

This name takes us back to the Full House days when Danny Tanner was America's favorite sitcom dad. This goofy name makes us want to put our hair up in a scrunchie, kick off our platform sandals and replay the good laughs we had watching this lovable San Francisco family. Can we get confirmation on an Uncle Jesse strain?

Dead Man's Skunk

makes us laugh because sometimes the smell of our favorite product can remind us of our least favorite stinky animal, the Skunk. Did you know that skunks have stripes that lead to where their spray comes out? Their stripes serve as a warning so that skunks can steer predators away before actually having to spray them. It is common for animals to have markings near their most dangerous attributes. Badgers, for example, have stripes around their mouth, pointing towards their sharp teeth. Next time you smell a skunk, don't say you haven't been warned!