Los Angeles, Welcome to the Hempire

 There’s a new approach to sustainability in L.A., and no it’s not another metal straw or reusable water bottle. Hempire is bringing the adventurous spirit back to sustainability, leading the way with a belief in hemp’s power to forge a sustainable future.

Hempire is leading the way as one of the first producers of pure hemp rolls, rolling papers, and filter tips. These are all-natural and GMO-free, the purest choice for a smoker minimizing their impact on the planet. And thanks to Hemparel™, they’re also creating a more sustainable future through clothing.

To understand Hempire’s approach to sustainability, you first need to understand hemp.

Hemp is the world’s oldest cash crop. In use since 10,000 BC, hemp was used as paper, rope, rolling papers, and more for the majority of human history. The great artists of the Renaissance rolled their tobacco on hemp paper in Europe. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, AND the first U.S. flag was made from hemp cloth. Quite literally, the history of civilization can’t be told without the inclusion of hemp.

But the heyday of hemp ended with the criminalization of its cousin, marijuana. Finally, after a hundred years of dormancy, hemp is getting the respect it deserves.

Hempire was founded because hemp is a promising option for a sustainable future. It doesn’t require much land to grow. One acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4 acres of forest. Hemp saves on water, too. It only needs half the water that cotton requires, and is less dependent on pesticides and fertilizer. It’s also durable. Hemp-derived plastic is stronger than petroleum-based plastic and biodegrades within a year.

It’s why Hempire believes that hemp should be a choice for everyone, no matter their lifestyle.Man in hempire shirt rolling with Hempire papers

Hempire was founded to provide consumers a more sustainable choice. A choice that allows them to put the planet first. For smokers, the choice is simple. All Hempire paper products are for a perfectly clean smoke. Hempire’s ultra-strong and ultra-thin papers burn slow and smooth, providing an experience that is unmatched in the rolling paper industry.” And that’s before you even talk about Hemparel™.

Hemparel is Hempire’s solution for sustainability in clothing. In hemp’s previous heyday, the crop was responsible for the majority of American clothing, a role that has recently been taken over by synthetic fibers like Polyster and Nylon.

Hempire’s apparel line is a critical step forward in sustainability in the clothing industry. Hemparel™ is a cleaner and more sustainable clothing brand, producing apparel that is 45% hemp and 55% organic cotton. A ratio that reminds the world that, while hemp clothing isn’t the norm yet, it can be.

Not that norms would ever influence those who belong to Hempire Nation.

Two men sitting on a porch in Hempire Tees sharing a smoke.

Hempire exists as an alternative for the pioneers and adventurers who know that hemp is the future for a sustainable planet. The adventurers who aren’t afraid to go their own way and express their individuality.

Because at the end of the day, freedom is the value that brings us together. Freedom to roll with a paper that speaks to the consumers beliefs and values. A shirt that looks good…and is good for the planet, too. One that didn’t come from a designer store that worries more about sales than sustainability. It’s the freedom to stand out and stand with those who feel the same responsibility for our planet.

A bond so strong and sustainable that it could be made out of hemp.

You can join the Hempire at Hempire.com and on Instagram at @HempireNation.


This article was originally published in LA weekly. Read the LA weekly article here.