Top 5 Drinking Games

Whether it's in person or on zoom, here are some fun ways to celebrate with friends or family while staying safe.

Kings Cup

What you need:

  • Your favorite beverage
  • One deck of playing cards
  • Three or more royal friends

For this royal game, you need at least three or more people to play. Put the cards face down and pick one card per turn. For every card you pick, you have to follow the rules based on the chart below. Kings cup will get you lavishly liquored up with these hilarious rules.

Ace: Waterfall
To perform a waterfall, each player starts drinking their beverage at the same time as the person to their left, starting with the player who drew the card. No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops.

Two: Give 2
The player who drew the card gives two drinks to the same person or one to two different people.

Three: Take 3
The player who drew the card takes a drink.

Four: Hit The Floor
The last person to touch the floor with their hands must take a drink.

Five: Guys
All men playing take a drink.

Six: Chicks
All women playing take a drink

Seven: Raise your hand to heaven
The last person to raise their hand has to drink.

Eight: Mate
The player who drew the card chooses one other player who must drink simultaneously with them for the rest of the game.

Nine: Rhyme Time
The player who drew the card says a word. Going clockwise, each player must say a word that rhymes with the original word. The first person who fails to say a rhyming word that has not been used must drink.

Ten: Categories
The player who drew the card chooses a category, with players going clockwise to name things that fall within the category. The first person to fail to come up with a word that hasn't been used must drink.

Jack: Social
Everyone must take a drink.

Queen: Question?
The player who drew the card starts by asking a question of another player. The player then asks anyone else a question. The first player who fails to ask a question must drink.

King: Kings Cup
When the first 3 King cards are drawn, the person who drew the card puts some of their beverage into the King's Cup at the table's center. When the 4th King is drawn, the person who drew the 4th King must drink the King's Cup contents.

Drink Hunters
What you will need:

  • Your favorite beverage
  • House Hunters Episode from HGTV
  • House Hunter friends

This game is for those who want to lounge and sip while laughing at the classic HGTV series' repetitive terms. The rules are simple; every time anyone on the show says these phrases; you have to drink! Cheers to that!

Open Floor Plan: One Sip

Great for entertaining: One Sip

Is this the bathroom?: One Sip

This is a great space: One Sip

Stainless steel appliances: One Sip

I can really see myself: Two Sips

Granite countertops: Two Sips

His & Hers: Two Sips

Walk-in closet: Three Sips

A lot of character: Three Sips

Man cave: Three Sips

Bonus: If you choose the correct house, you elect one friend to finish their drink. Happy Hunting!

Flip Cup
What you need:

  • Your favorite beverage
  • Plastic cups
  • Level table
  • At least two teams of players

Flip cup is a classic, popular drinking game that will surely enhance your mood. Start by standing on the opposite side of the table and filling your cup about a quarter full. Make sure the cups are evenly filled.

  1. Start on one end of the table with opponents facing each other.
  2. The first two opponents cheers, tap their cup on the table, then drink it down.
  3. Once the beverage is finished, set the cup on the table's edge (slightly over) and tap it from underneath until it lands face down on the table. Opponents must continue flipping their cup until it lands exactly face down on the table. (It is more challenging than you think!)
  4. Once the cup has landed face down, the next opponent can start their turn.
  5. The team that finishes first wins!

Pro Tip: Use your middle and ring finger to tap the cup lightly on the rim of the cup from underneath. This maneuver allows for more control and stability.

You will have a flippin fun time with this game!

Most Likely
What you need:

  • Your favorite beverage
  • Friends
  • Pointing finger

For this hilarious game, the rules are quite simple. Go around in a circle and say "Most likely to:______" and participants will point at the person most likely to do whatever the person mentioned. Whoever gets the most people pointing at them has to drink! It is highly likely that you will have some fun with this one.

Here is some inspiration for this game:

  • Who is most likely to post a selfie, even during an earthquake?
  • Who is most likely to lie to the police?
  • Who is most likely to get friend-zoned by everyone they date?
  • Who is most likely to become a witch or a shaman?
  • Who is most likely to get drunk and elope with a stranger?
  • Who is most likely to join Elon Musk on a one-way trip to Mars?
  • Who is most likely to fart in public?


  • What you'll need:
  • A Jenga Set
  • Your favorite beverage
  • Friends

For this Game, you will need some preparation! On each of the Jenga blocks, write a funny challenge or truth question.

Set up the Jenga tower as instructed. Every time a person picks a block, they have complete the challenge listed on the block. If they can't accomplish the task or refuse to answer the question, they have to drink. And of course, if you knock the tower over, you have to drink.

Here is some inspiration for what to write on your blocks:

  • What is your deepest darkest fear?
  • Tell me about your most awkward date.
  • Have you ever hooked up with anyone here?
  • What is the most embarrassing picture of you?
  • Eat five tablespoons of a condiment.
  • Let someone shave part of your body.
  • Kiss the person to your left.
  • Take a shower with your clothes on.
  • Give someone your phone and let them send one text to anyone in your contacts.
  • Depict a human life through interpretive dance.