Top 6 Hemp Documentaries

As the cold weather approaches, what better activity than Netflix and chill? Although you think you might have binged everything Netflix had available-you could be missing out on some amazing documentaries about hemp! Being such a versatile plant with so many redeeming qualities, Hemp has been the subject of tons of documentaries. From quirky and funny hemp films to riveting historical timelines of the booming industry- this list has it all. Cozy up and grab some popcorn for these five Hemp documentaries:

1. Hempsters: Plant the Seed 
This is one of the first Hemp Documentaries that addresses the current resurgence of the hemp industry.  This captivating 2010 film Directed by Michael Henning features Woody Harrelson and 7 activists on their quest to reacquaint American farmers with growing hemp. When Harrelson was arrested for hemp possession in 1996, he made it his mission to inform the public about Hemp. This powerful movie is an educational experience that highlights hemp’s attributes that go far beyond THC. This is an especially interesting film to watch in 2020 because of Hemp’s growing popularity in the media. Hempsters is a must watch! 

2. Culture High
Culture High is a fascinating journey through the legalization of industrial hemp. Joe Rogan’s energetic and well-informed narrative makes this film so interesting to watch. Culture High features celebrities who are known for their public cannabis use like Snoop Dogg Wiz Khalifa along with commentary from notable political figures like Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama. This enticing documentary explores the wonderful world of hemp and its journey to legalization. This film does a great job of weighing both sides of the story: wrapping into an all-around well researched, entertaining film about Hemp.

3. American Hemp
American hemp explores the cultivation of the hemp plant from the perspective of farmers. In this documentary directed By Josh Hemp, you will learn all about what goes into growing and distributing hemp, specifically in the Colorado Hemp Industry. This film also takes you along for the ride with Evo Hemp and Alex White Plume documenting the Native American hemp product history in the United States. Though it isn’t commonly known or celebrated, Native Americans utilized hemp before the US was colonized and continue to benefit from its versatile attributes. Dive into the world of Hemp Horticulture, and witness the intricate process of growing hemp in the United States through multiple cultural lenses. 

4. Grass Is Greener
Check out Grass is Greener which is streaming on Netflix. Follow hip-hop legend and cannabis activist Fab 5 Freddy, hip-hop pioneer and cannabis advocate as he dives into the culture of Hemp in hip hop culture in the United States. This documentary covers the overlapping relationship between Hip-hop, Jazz, African American Culture, and Marijuana. It explores the glorification of marijuana in African-American culture and the demonization of marijuana users in the criminal justice system. This film is full of rich music, culture, and poetry. Grass Is Greener will open your eyes to a clearer understanding of marijuana’s role in African-American history. 

5. Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
This PBS special documentary highlights the functions of hemp from a scientific perspective. In this film, you will learn about the use of hemp in modern medicine with commentary from scientists, doctors, and critics. It discusses the science of the endocannabinoid system and explores the idea of cannabis being used to treat chronic illnesses and pain. This film provides the benefits and drawbacks of using hemp medicinally and both sides have valid and fascinating points. Learn about hemp from a scientific perspective with this intriguing documentary available on 

6. CBD Nation
CBD Nation explores the ingredient called cannabidiol or CBD almost people know it, which is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant. This movie follows scientists and cannabis activists in a quest to learn more about what CBD actually does. This film features commentary from world-renowned scientists that closely study this non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. This emotional film truly captures your heart and is not your typical documentary as it focuses on CBD as opposed to THC.