Top 8 Ways To Celebrate St. Patricks Day

We can all agree that St Patrick's Day is one of the most fun days of the year. It's one big party held on March 17th to commemorate the life and death of Saint Patrick — the Emerald Isle's patron saint who supposedly rid Ireland of snakes during the fifth century. Regardless of whether or not you have Irish ancestry, there are endless ways to embrace the festivities. 

Whether you're partying like the Irish or partying with the Irish, here are eight ways you can celebrate this St. Patrick's Day.

  1. Have a Pint of Stout - First up, and potentially the most important on our list is to enjoy a pint or two of Ireland's unofficial beverage, stout beer. It's estimated that nearly 13 million pints of stout are guzzled on St. Patrick's Day around the world. And while the thick, creamy beer might not be to your taste, our top tip is to mix in a little concentrated blackcurrant juice to add a little sweetness. (Please drink responsibly.)
  2. Attend a (Virtual) St. Patrick's Day Parade - St. Patrick's Day parades are popular around the world. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may hinder your chances of seeing a parade in person this year, fear not! You can attend numerous virtual events, like the one through SPF TV, a St. Patrick's Festival TV Channel in Ireland. 
  3. Learn Some Irish Phrases - If you want to impress friends or family this St. Patrick's Day, why not learn a few simple Irish phrases! Toast all your drinks with a "sláinte," which means "good health." Wish people "Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!" which is the most common way of wishing someone "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Gaelic, and is pronounced: "Law leh Paw-drig suna ghit." Check out this foolproof guide to get you started for free. 
  4. Listen to Irish Music - Irish music is powerful and emotive and gets the heart pumping. Whether you like your tunes to chill to or dance to, check out these popular Irish musicians and get your particular party started. 
  5. Savor Some Irish Whiskeys - Irish whiskey is hugely popular, and what better time to enjoy it than St Patrick's Day? Pick up a couple of bottles from your local liquor store and, with some friends, set up a tasting party to see if you can taste the subtle nuances between each distillery. (Please drink responsibly.)
  6. Visit a Landmark Converted to Green - The Chicago River is famously dyed green every year for St. Patrick's Day. The Irish Parliament building, Empire State Building, and Sydney Opera house are shrouded in green light. While you may not see them in person, you can look at pictures of them on the internet.
  7. Eat and Drink Everything That's Green - Get a selection of sweet treats — like cookies and cupcakes smothered in green frosting — or get into the true spirit of the day with these boozy St. Patrick's Day desserts. From a fruity milkshake to a bold green Bloody Mary, these easy green cocktails will also elevate your celebrations and satisfy everyone's taste bud. Or go ahead and eat some actual greens! They’re healthy and packed with nutrients.  
Wear a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Shirt - This phrase is always uttered on St. Patrick's Day, whether you're Irish or not. Its origins are said to come from the Blarney Stone, which people kiss for good luck. So grab your shirt and head out, just make sure you take a mask!